Music Ministries

A few of the first things that attract people to Pentecostal churches are the spirited singing, the exuberant praises, and the outstanding expression of freedom in worship. To sing the songs of Zion from the heart, to respond in a heartfelt way to the preached Word, and to worship spontaneously each time the body of Christ gathers for service, are distinct characteristics unique to Apostolic Pentecostal people.

Our Groups
The Music Ministry is a vital part of our worship. Accordingly, we have many musicians and several organized singing groups.

Our praise and worship teams lead us into the presence of God during each service. Our teams meet once a month for practice and learn new songs to always stay fresh with the new and changing music.

Youth Music Team is a makeup of several members of the Source . They generally sing monthly in our WIRED! youth service.

Children’s Choir is composed of children from club CHAOS, and they usually sing once per quarter and occasionally for special services.

Since members of our ministry play a prominent and visible role in our worship services, we must commit ourselves to be good examples and to represent our church well.

To that end we ask all those who are in the Music Ministry or who would like to join to commit themselves to following The World of Faith’s guidelines for leadership and public ministry policy.